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Because our members interact with customers every day, legislation often directly impacts the retail industry therefore the SC Retail Association is keenly interested in myriad state legislative and regulatory actions.

General Retail

Retailers sell a variety of legal, but highly-regulated products, such as alcohol, groceries, guns, and tobacco and strive to comply with existing laws and regulations regarding the sale of these products.  The SC Retail Association pays careful attention to legislation that places additional administrative burdens on the selling of such products and advocates for laws that allow for competition to play out in the free market.


The SC Retail Association members are committed to offering high-quality, cost-effective and convenient health care options to our customers that help to improve patient health and reduce overall healthcare costs. We support legislation that empowers pharmacists to provide care to patients efficiently and effectively in a manner and scope that is consistent with their level of training and expertise as health care providers. To this end, the SC Retail Association supports legislation that allows pharmacists to practice at the height of their license.


The SC Retail Association member companies are committed to improving the environment and support voluntary industry efforts that make practical sense for each retailer’s individual business model.  The SC Retail Association opposes government-mandated product take-back programs, taxes or fees on targeted products, and any effort that limits a retailer’s ability to negotiate between recycling/waste providers.


Retail jobs provide opportunities for those searching for life-long careers, others looking for a first job to gain skills needed for future success, and still others who seek a part-time position that provides flexibility.  Since 1 in 4 South Carolinians work in the Retail Industry, the SC Retail Association pays careful attention to government intrusion into the employer-employee relationship.  This includes actively engaging in issues such as minimum wage, employee benefit mandates, and workers’ compensation, to name a few.


Because our members collect sales tax and pay property, income, and unemployment taxes, the SC Retail Association closely monitors the tax reform conversation at every level of government, and we work with lawmakers to advance policies that are best for our business and our communities.  The SC Retail Association is supportive of state and federal e-fairness efforts, sales tax holidays, and any effort to reduce the administrative burden of collecting and remitting taxes, including opposing forced combination of corporate income tax.

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