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3 key omnichannel retail trends for 2013

Online retail and the rapid rise of mobile technology aren't putting an end to brick-and-mortar stores, but they are transforming the way consumers use them, writes Domo COO Steve Wellen. Omnichannel retailers that "think showrooms instead of traditional stores," incorporate…

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Consumers are expected to increase spending

After two months of negative factors weighing against consumers, spending growth seen this year is expected to pick up. Reduced debt, rising employment and declining energy costs also are seen as stimulants. "Headwinds in February were temporary. They are going…

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Tips for hiring great sales associates

Smart and successful retail hiring starts with finding candidates who genuinely like and want to know about other people, says retail legend and former Macy's West CEO Bob Mettler. He explains with examples, including research into Asian beauty retail operations…

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Is it the end of the cash register?

Retailers including Barneys New York, J.C. Penney and Coach are experimenting with tablets, iPods and other mobile gadgets that may one day soon replace bigger, bulkier cash registers. "Consumers want the retailer to bring the register to them," said Lori…

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Online shoppers drop valuable clues as they go

Fraudsters trying to blend in with the online shopping crowd actually leave all sorts of small but telling clues, according to companies that analyze shoppers' online behavior. For example, people who shop between midnight and 1 a.m., type their last…

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