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Retail Roundup: 1/8/16

Happy New Year!  I hope your holiday season was profitable!

I have five great articles that I’m excited to share with you this Friday.

  • You’ve made your New Years resolutions, now to stick to them!
  • Starting a small business this year? There’s a lot more to it than just this, of course, but you have to cross these four things off your list before you get any further down the road.
  • Spoiler alert! There are four powerful words you can include in your marketing copy: “you,” “new,” “free,” and “guaranteed.”  Here’s the psychology behind it.
  • This article is lengthy, but has a crazy amount of practical, useful tips for increasing sales. Bookmark it and come back to it with a cup of coffee and a pad of paper in hand.  It’s a must-read.
  • You’ve heard about beacons and geofencing when it comes to shopping, right? This article does a great job explaining how the new technology works for consumers and retailers alike.

I hope you have a happy, and profitable, weekend!


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