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Five on Friday

A lot of great articles come across my desk each week pertaining to business and retail, so I figured it’s time to start sharing them!  Welcome to the first “Five on Friday” blog series where I’ll feature—you guessed it—five articles every Friday.  Here goes…

  • I’m fascinated by the idea of morning routines—each morning we all have the ability to set the tone for the day ahead.  This article outlines how to strengthen and make the most of your morning routine.
  • Ever heard of “knolling?” I hadn’t!  Check out “knolling” and other e-commerce trends.  (#3 appeals to the fontophile in me.)
  • Curate, sell stories, and be the coach: got it! Three changes in retail to which you must respond.
  • Are pop-up shops a fad or here to stay?  This source says the temporary shops are a permanent fixture in the UK.
  • 45 retail terms you should know (there might be a few you didn’t!)

Have a great weekend!


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