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South Carolina SNAP Distribution Change

It’s official!  The South Carolina Department of Social Services (SC DSS) has announced that it will roll out a new issuance schedule for all new SNAP enrollees beginning on September 1, 2012.  Those SNAP clients that come off the program and re-enroll will be re-enrolled under the new schedule.

Due to the high rate of clients going on and off SNAP benefits, SC DSS expects that all SNAP clients will be on the new schedule within 6-9 months.  We have asked DSS to send us monthly data over the next year so that we can ensure that the 6-9 month timeframe is on target. Although this expansion is not ideal in that it will not solve the problem as quickly as we had hoped, it is the only proposal that DSS would agree to since our negotiations began 16 months ago.

Click here for the document that DSS plans to distribute to SNAP retailers.

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